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Thursday(guru)Shanti pack udyapan samagri -puja kit

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Brihaspati is the Guru of Devas, personification of piety and religion, the chief offerer of prayers and sacrifices, represented as the Purohita of the gods with whom he intercedes for men. He is the Lord of planet Jupiter. He is often known simply as "Guru". According to Hindu scriptures, he is the guru of the Devas and the arch-nemesis of Shukracharya,the guru of the Danavas. He is also known Guru, the god of wisdom and eloquence, to whom various works are ascribed, such as the "atheistic" Barhaspatya sutras. Guru is usually depicted with an elephant or chariot drawn by eight horses as his vehicle. He is described of yellow or golden colour and holding a stick, a lotus and his beads. He presides over 'Guru-var', Brihaspativar or Thursday. Pack Items: Yellow cloth, Yellow grams, Saffron, Guru yantra, Yellow mustard seeds, Yellow tumeric, Yellow yagopwet, Mantra: Om gram grim graum sah gurave namah. Day of Donation: On Thursday in either Saibaba or Vishnu Temple.

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