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Rudraksha mala 6 mm

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Rudraksha Mala The Best (Importance Of Rudraksh) The person who wears Rudraksha always possesses good health, respected by all and is capable of attracting everybody and will get required results. A good Rudraksha mala usually has one hundred and eight beads or fifty four in length. Tantric texts proclaim that the Tulasi seed mala will give psychic powers called siddhis, while the Rudraksha mala gives Riddhi, Psychic and prosperity. It is preferred to have separate Rudraksha malas for japam and wearing and for dwara bandhana. Now a days getting good quality of Rudrakshas and malas is very difficult. All natural types and sizes of Nepali Rudraksha and malas are available with the author and will be sold to the needy by post also. Auspicious Number For Rudraksha Dharana To get the full results one should wear Rudraksha mala at all times. According to various shastras Rudraksha mala can be worn around crown ear ring, chain around the ear, armlet and specially around the stomach. One can wear one bead on the crest, three hundred around the head, thirty six around the neck( kantamala), eighteen around each arm, nine on each wrist, 108 or 54 on the chest, 504 around stomach above waist, 162 as Yognopavit. One can also wear two, three, five, seven beads malas of Rudraksha around the neck, in each ear lobe one, around each ear six, one on fore head. Rudraksha Number For Mala To get complete benefit Rudraksha mal can be made of 108, 99, 90, 72, 63, 54, 45, 36, 27 and of 18 beds. Auspicious Rudraksha One should use those Rudrakshas only which are nice, handsome, strong, auspicious and well thorny and clearly grooved faced and having natural central self hole. These Rudrakshas are the best ones. Rudraksha To Be Avoided One should not use Rudrakshas eaten by worms, broken and defaced, without thorns and having sores and not having clear grooved faces or furrows and man made hole. Duplicate Rudraksha use in harmful. Rudraksha Japamala Japa with Rudraksha mal yields many good results on human body and mind. When the japam is being performed with Rudraksha mala keeping the beads little pressed and pushed, a type of acupressure is being done on the acupressure points in the thumb and middle finger. This improves the blood circulation at eyes, mental nerves, pituitary and pineal and it prevents the cold and asthma. If a mala with 54 ( half the size) is made out,, it may be counted twice. An extra bead known as “MERU”- or “SADYOTHAMA BIJA” attached on the outside of the circuit chain to indicate from where the japa mala should be reserved as the 108 count has been reached, and also indicate the completion. Rudraksha japa mala is very important for Gayathri japam, Sandhyavandhanam, etc. Morning japam should be completed before 10a.m in which japa mala should be at the level of Nabhi (Umblicus). Afternoon japam should be performed between 12.00 noon and 2.30 p.m wherein japa mala should be at the level of nose point. Thus it is clearly indicate by performance of the said japa vidhi (method) (Rudraksha japam) three times a day - will protect from stomach, chest, and breathing diseases.

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