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MULETHI Mulethi is used by Ayurveda in the treatment of respiratory and digestive disorders. Mulethi's use is specifically indicated in the treatment of chronic acidity, ulcers and chronic bronchial conditions. Investigations observed that Mulethi activates ulcer healing. Also it acts as an anti-stress and anabolic agent. Mulethi(liquorice) is a remedy for relieving pain, discomfort and other symptoms caused by acrid matter in the stomach. - Mulethi(liquorice) mixed with honey brings relief in dry cough. In sore throat also chewing raw mulethi can provide relief. - Mulethi(liquorice) can alleviates muscular pains and chronic joint problems. - Mulethi(liquorice) powder mixed with jaggery and water is also used as a laxative in constipation. Mulethi is a good source of calcium, glucose and iron. Mulethi rejuvenates the brain by increasing the circulation of blood in the central nervous system, balances the sugar level in the body and relieves respiratory ailments like allergies, bronchitis, colds, sore throats and tuberculosis. Mulethi acts as an effective cure for stomach problems, including inflammatory disorders, skin diseases, and liver problems. A small piece of raw mulethi when chewed provides relief by soothing the throat inflammation.

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