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JAIPHAL Jaiphal Benefits Jaiphal benefits are well known among those who practice Ayervedic medicine. This spice is more commonly known as nutmeg and is a fruit that grows on a tree in the Myristica family. The most commonly know type of Jaiphal grows in the Spice Islands of Indonesia in an evergreen type tree. These trees actually produce two species that are commonly known: Jaiphal (nutmeg) and mace. Nutmeg itself is the seed of three even though full-grown it is referred to as a fruit. It is oval-shaped and about an inch long and 5 and 10 grams in weight. These trees need about eight years to grow before they can be initially harvested and then a few years later start producing at their peak. At that point these trees tend to give a lot of this fruit each year. Jaiphal benefits include the fact that when it is used in many types of foods it adds sweet flavor. It is usually used either finely or coarsely ground and may initially be in the recipe itself, or added afterwards depending on the preference of this individual. It is most commonly found in Indian cuisine in sweet and savory recipes, In Indonesian cuisine in many soups such as soto and baso, in Middle Eastern dishes as a flavor enhancer, in some Japanese foods in the sauce, and in the Caribbean n some drinks. This is far from an exhaustive list of the uses of this popular spice and flavor enhancer!

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